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dimanche 3 novembre 2013

Women’s Jacket And Blazer 2013 Trends

Winter is behind the door and we all know what that means! That’s correct, is time to get our jackets and blazers out of the closet. I just send some of my old jackets to the dry cleaning today and get ready for the cold winter. However, one thing is for sure; what was in fashion last year, will probably be out this winter. But if you choose a timeless jacket/blazer you have nothing to worry. What is a timeless jacket/blazer? well let’s start by color; a jacket or blazer that will probably never go out of fashion is black, brown, khaki or any other neutral color that doesn’t draw much attention. But if you like jackets that make you stand out of the crowd, then make sure you choose the ones with the right embellishments-which means nothing over the top and which is easy to combine with the rest of outfit.
The best jackets to own are the black leather ones; I just can’t wait to get shopping and buy one this year. They are very fashionable and make you feel warm in cold rainy days. As about blazers; depends on your style. If you are a sporty girl than something simple might suit to your personality and wardrobe. But if you like to mix sporty with classic then choose a tight fitting blazer but which is not over the top at same time. Below I have done a small collection of the latest trends of jackets and blazers for this autumn/winter 2013.

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