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jeudi 31 octobre 2013

15 Minutes To Take Care Of Your Feet

Feet are often strained: undergoing the weight of our body, they are locked  nearly the whole year in our shoes. They are cold in winter, and suffer during the summer from the effects of sun and barefoot walks …
Note that many nerve connections are established in the foot, and the massages and other treatments have soothing and relaxing properties.
For this here is a 15 treatment for soft and relaxed feet.

  • 5 minutes for a foot bath:
In the evening, give them an “alternate” bath with a tub of hot water and cold water. Dip your toes in the first few minutes, and then in the second. Repeat several times. Feel free to embellish these ablutions with coarse salt or effervescent tablets. These vasoconstriction and dilatation, caused by temperature differences, tone the circulatory system.

15 Minutes To Take Care Of Your Feet
  • 5 minutes for a massage:
The skin of the foot is devoid of sebaceous and dry glands . Hence the importance of a daily and efficace hydration.  Each day, out of the shower, apply on your dry feet a cream or a nourishing moisturizer. Rub the entire surface of the foot, even in between the toes. No need to be an expert to stimulate and relax. Take a fat lick of cream, and begin massaging your foot completely in the coating of your hands.  Then, place your fingers on the toes and proceed by strokes more or less supported from the top – down. Finish by going back on the ankle to the calf.
Emphasize the soles of the feet particularly solicited throughout the day. If you do not have any particular problems, your body moisturizer can be used. There are also many specific creams, designed to soften the rough areas of the foot.

15 Minutes To Take Care Of Your Feet
  • 5 minutes for exercises:
To strengthen their camber, strengthen their muscles and reactivate circulation, nothing easier than a few daily exercises. Just walk on tiptoe and regularly point toes up and down. To allow greater flexibility, grab objects placed on the floor (a pencil, for example). Or roll a tennis ball under the sole, back and forth for a beneficial effect on the joints, but also on the calf muscles.

And for those who want to go further (or have the time) …
  • A scrub once a week:
A smooth and comfortable skin is hydrated and free of dead skin cells. This rule is valid for the whole body but in the case of foot scrub is particularly important because the friction between the skin and the shoe accelerate the process of formation of roughness. The ideal is to use a pumice stone in the heel, or choose a cream containing particles of the stone.

Winter Lip Care

Exposed to extreme weather conditions, especially in winter, lips dry out and become chapped. In addition to being unaesthetic, parched lips can also be painful. For beautiful lips during this winter, it is necessary to proceed with an exfoliation of dead skin cells and a daily hydration. Light makeup is also required to make you always look feminine. The most economical solution is to make oneself  products for the exfoliation and hydration of the mouth.
Winter Lip Care
For beautiful lips, the main tips are to always keep them well hydrated, free from cracking and always masked. For this, it is recommended to proceed with a daily care.

Not only for beautiful lips, but also to be always in good shape, it’s beneficial to drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day. Although some think this method is an essential tip to keep lips soft. However, this method isn’t sufficient, especially during winter and it’s recommended to use the local hydration. To do this, you can either use a moisturizing balm before proceeding with lip makeup. There are now several types of moisturizing balm in stores, mainly in the form of a stick. It’s essential to apply the balm every day to protect lips against the cold.
 Winter Lip Care
Homemade remedies for beautiful lips in winter: In addition to using the products sold at cosmetics counters, you can also make your own cosmetics by combining natural ingredients. Easy to make, these products have the advantage of being economical and cause a low allergy risk.
Winter Lip Care
Eat healthier for beautiful lips in winter: daily maintenance is essential. To start, it’s very important to remove dead skin cells proceeding with exfoliation. Then, a good daily hydration is necessary, as well as makeup, even light. However, in addition to these services, a balanced diet also helps to have good health and beautiful lips in winter.

Flats Shoes Trends-Autumn 2013

There’s something about flat shoes that I have always loved-I mean they are the most comfortable shoe every created. I wear flat shoes daily and even when attending a special event, deep down I wish I could just wear flats without having to worry how I looked or if flats matched with the evening dress or anything like that. But I know that High heels are a must in different occasions but  what matters most is how you dress daily.
Autumn is now here, and we all have already got shopping the latest trends and when it comes to flat shoes, I know that many are unsure to which colors to buy and which not. Although there are different flats styles you could choose from, I love the ballerina flats because are feminine and match with everything, from maxi dresses to pants.
When it comes to most popular colors, we know they change from season to season and for this autumn 2013, the best color flats to purchase are black, neutrals, gold-shimmery, purple, leopard prints, emerald green, and light peach.
There are many other colors that look as nice as the ones I mentioned above but in my opinion -and based on the most famous fashion designers collections for this autumn 2013, the pictures below are inspiration and a must have!
large (1) large (2) large (3) large (4) large (5) large (6) large (7) large (8) large (9) large (10)

Natural Homemade Recipe for Strong & Beautiful Nails

Your nails break, turn yellow, split? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Here is an effective solutions for beautiful beautiful and stronger nails.

Natural Homemade Recipe for Strong & Beautiful Nails

Heat 1 tablespoon of olive oil with a dash of lemon juice.
Place all in a bowl and soak your nails within minutes.
Then massage into the skin.
This strengthens nails, softened cuticles (the skin around the nail) and gives you at the same time beautiful hands.
No more streaked, duplicated and brittle nails. They are stronger and can therefore grow without breaking.
Keep the rest of this preparation in the refrigerator for future use.
You can repeat this action once a week for a month and see the difference

Orange Color – Winter Hijab Trends

Winter 2013 will be bright and colorful, and a new season of Orange returns in force!
This vitaminized tint has the advantage of being a real plus to chase the gloom and gives good appearance.
How to wear orange next winter?
Easy! we find all kinds of orange clothing, coat, blouse, dress , skirt, scarves …. the secret is to combine the orange with more neutral colors like black, grEy, taupe or beige.
Orange also blends beautifully with vibrant colors like fuchsia pink, red or purple.
The Accessories are at the party in orange, belt, bag, shoes can come and bring a touch of pizzazz to a little too “wise” outfit.
Here is a selection of clothing  in orange to Inspire you more:

Orange Color - Winter Hijab Trends

Orange Color - Winter Hijab Trends
Orange Color - Winter Hijab Trends

Orange Color - Winter Hijab Trends

Orange Color - Winter Hijab Trends

Orange Color - Winter Hijab Trends

Orange Color - Winter Hijab Trends

Orange Color - Winter Hijab Trends

Orange Color - Winter Hijab Trends

Orange Color - Winter Hijab Trends

Orange Color - Winter Hijab Trends

Orange Color - Winter Hijab Trends

Orange Color - Winter Hijab Trends

Orange Color – Winter Hijab Trends

Top 10 Hijab Outfit Ideas for this Fall 2013

Although it is still sunny, fall is already here and winter is behind the door. Woke up today and had to leave home early in the morning; I saw the sun shinning outside and though well, this is gonna be a good warm day…but when I went outside I realized that it wasn’t that warm really and that I should dress according to season and that’s when I start searching for some great ideas to wear for this fall.
I have bought many new items and clothing for this fall/winter but haven’t been able to wear them all yet as weather has been quite unpredictable. But I think October means fall is fully and totally here.
Making a cute collection of ten picture has not that easy, because I want to show the best that is out there; and this beautiful girls (bloggers/models) have made their point really well; Not only they are an inspiration to us all, but they help you realize that Hijab is all about modesty, but feeling and looking feminine is the key.
Some of the best hijab colors to wear for this season are: golden brown, blue, dark florals, brown purple and of course beautiful prints such as grey and white shown below.
As about clothing I would say black leather jackets, which are not only trendy but also keep your warm on cold windy days. Military jackets seem to be back on trend for this fall 2013 and if you like the idea you might purchase one; it looks really cute! For more have a look at this beautiful collection below.

mercredi 30 octobre 2013

10 طرق بسيطة للتخفيف من ضغط الحياة اليومي

جميعنا يتعرض للكثير من الضغوط في الحياة في العمل أو المنزل مع مديرك أو مع أصدقائك نتيجة تسارع الحركة من حولنا والتزامتنا المطلوبة منا كل يوم إليكم بعض الخطوات البسيطة التي يمكنها التخفيف من قوة الضغط والمساعدة في التعامل معه بشكل جيد 
Health Complications of Stress 10 طرق بسيطة للتخفيف من ضغط الحياة اليومي

1. الإستماع إلى القرآن أو قراءته
 خاصة السور التي تحبها أو تشعر أنها تؤثر فيك بشكل أو بآخر أو الإستماع إلى أصوات الشيوخ التي تفضلها أو تشعرك بالراحة فغذاء الروح يجدد نشاطك ويساعد على تصفية ذهنك 
46388 1221310585 10 طرق بسيطة للتخفيف من ضغط الحياة اليومي

2. الإستماع إلى الموسيقى:
 إذا كنت تشعر بضغط كبير وموقف لا تستطيع أن تحله في هذا الوضع حاول أن تأخذ قسطًا من الراحة وتستمع فيه إلى بعض الموسيقى الهادئة التي تشعرك بالإسترخاء 
Listen to Music 10 طرق بسيطة للتخفيف من ضغط الحياة اليومي

3. تكلم إلى صديق:
 يمكنك أن تأخذ إستراحة وتحاول أن تتحدث مع صديق عن مشكلتك فالعلاقات الجيدة مع الأشخاص شي هام جدًا لنظام حياتك 

Call a Friend 10 طرق بسيطة للتخفيف من ضغط الحياة اليومي

4. تحدث مع نفسك عنها:
 في بعض الأحيان يكون الضغط عليك شديد لدرجة أنك لا تستطيع تحمل أي كلمة من أيًا كان لذلك في هذا الوقت من الجيد أن تأخذ إستراحة وتجلس مع نفسك لترتيب أفكارك ومحاولة إيجاد حل مناسب للتعقيدات حولك 
Talk Yourself Through It 2 10 طرق بسيطة للتخفيف من ضغط الحياة اليومي

5. الطعام الجيد: 
يمكن لأسلوبك في الطعام أن يؤثر على مزاجك مما يؤثر على قراراتك وإحساسك بالمشكلات حولك أو تنسى أن تأكل من كثرة ضغوط العمل كما أن المأكولات السريعة ليست صحية فيجب أن تكثر من الخضراوات والفاكهة في طعامك كما أن السمك من الأطعمة المفضلة التي تساعد على تنمية المخ ويفضل أنه لو لم يكن لديك الوقت الكافي للطعام في المنزل أن تأكل سندويتش التونة فهو غذاء للعقل وهناك بعض الأطعمة التي تزيد من أحساس السعادة لديك 
Eat Right 10 طرق بسيطة للتخفيف من ضغط الحياة اليومي

6. التنفس: 
طريقة تنفسك يمكن أن تصيبك بالصداع فما بالك وأنت تحت الضغط فالنصيحة هنا أن تأخذ نفس عميق بحيث يكون الشهيق سريعًا ملئ صدرك ويكون الزفير ببطء هذا يساعد على الإسترخاء  

Breathe Easy Opt1 10 طرق بسيطة للتخفيف من ضغط الحياة اليومي

7. الضحك: 
الضحك يجعل الجسم يفرز هرمون الأنروفين الذي يساعد على تحسين المزاج ويُقلل الهرمونات التي يُفرزها الجسم في حالات الضغط والتوتر كالكورتيزول والأدرينالين فالضحك يقطع التوتر ويخفف من جو الضغط والعصبية التي يعيش فيها أصحاب الموقف ويساعدك على التعامل مع المشاكل بشكل أفضل فإن أمكن أن تأخذ راحة وتشاهد فيلم كوميدي أو تجلس مع من يُعرف عنهم بخفة الظل 

3333 10 طرق بسيطة للتخفيف من ضغط الحياة اليومي

8. جرب الشاي: 
لا تلجأ إلى مشروبات الكافيين في هذا الوقت فهي ترفع ضغط الدم وتزيد التوتر فهو يزيد من الضغط عليك ولكن جرب الشاي الأخضر أو بعض المشروبات العشبية التي تمدك بالطاقة وفي نفس الوقت تهدئ من توترك وصحية في نفس الوقت بحيث أنها تحتوي على الكثير من مضادات الأكسدة والأحماض الأمينية المفيدة للجسم  

try tea 10 طرق بسيطة للتخفيف من ضغط الحياة اليومي

9. التأمل: 
كل ما سبق كان بعض النصائح التي تعطيك الإحساس بالراحة في الوقت الذي تحتاج إليه ولكن التعود على اليوجا وتمارين التأمل والتمارين الرياضية وممارستها بشكل منتظم تعطيك القوة في مواجهة المشكلات من بدايتها أو حتى قبل أن تبدأ بحيث لا تتحول إلى ضغط 

Be Mindful 10 طرق بسيطة للتخفيف من ضغط الحياة اليومي

10. النوم جيدًا: 
ضغوط العمل خلال النهار يمكنها أنتؤثر على نومك في الليل ولكن هذا يؤثر على يومك التالي في العمل ويزيد من الضغط الواقع عليك فيجب عليك ألا يقل عدد ساعات نومك عن 7 أو 8 ساعات يوميًا وهناك بعض الأطعمة والمشروبات التي تساعدك على نوم هادئ وهناك طرق تزيل عنك إضطرابات النوم 
sleep 10 طرق بسيطة للتخفيف من ضغط الحياة اليومي

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