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jeudi 31 octobre 2013

15 Minutes To Take Care Of Your Feet

Feet are often strained: undergoing the weight of our body, they are locked  nearly the whole year in our shoes. They are cold in winter, and suffer during the summer from the effects of sun and barefoot walks …
Note that many nerve connections are established in the foot, and the massages and other treatments have soothing and relaxing properties.
For this here is a 15 treatment for soft and relaxed feet.

  • 5 minutes for a foot bath:
In the evening, give them an “alternate” bath with a tub of hot water and cold water. Dip your toes in the first few minutes, and then in the second. Repeat several times. Feel free to embellish these ablutions with coarse salt or effervescent tablets. These vasoconstriction and dilatation, caused by temperature differences, tone the circulatory system.

15 Minutes To Take Care Of Your Feet
  • 5 minutes for a massage:
The skin of the foot is devoid of sebaceous and dry glands . Hence the importance of a daily and efficace hydration.  Each day, out of the shower, apply on your dry feet a cream or a nourishing moisturizer. Rub the entire surface of the foot, even in between the toes. No need to be an expert to stimulate and relax. Take a fat lick of cream, and begin massaging your foot completely in the coating of your hands.  Then, place your fingers on the toes and proceed by strokes more or less supported from the top – down. Finish by going back on the ankle to the calf.
Emphasize the soles of the feet particularly solicited throughout the day. If you do not have any particular problems, your body moisturizer can be used. There are also many specific creams, designed to soften the rough areas of the foot.

15 Minutes To Take Care Of Your Feet
  • 5 minutes for exercises:
To strengthen their camber, strengthen their muscles and reactivate circulation, nothing easier than a few daily exercises. Just walk on tiptoe and regularly point toes up and down. To allow greater flexibility, grab objects placed on the floor (a pencil, for example). Or roll a tennis ball under the sole, back and forth for a beneficial effect on the joints, but also on the calf muscles.

And for those who want to go further (or have the time) …
  • A scrub once a week:
A smooth and comfortable skin is hydrated and free of dead skin cells. This rule is valid for the whole body but in the case of foot scrub is particularly important because the friction between the skin and the shoe accelerate the process of formation of roughness. The ideal is to use a pumice stone in the heel, or choose a cream containing particles of the stone.

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