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vendredi 31 janvier 2014

The Most Elegant Hijab Look Ever!

The vintage look of the 20′s is always shown by the media and Hollywood to be one of the best era for fashion- and today I am going to show you why. This awesome elegant look you see below is inspired from the 20′s and it is a vintage modern look that will probably inspire many of you.
Although the colours are kept neutral in nearly all the outfit, the sparkles and the red lipstick makes the whole outfit look glamorous. The outfit below is a mix of many different items from many different shops. The vintage accessories and the modern sparkly dress, as well as the ret of the items can be found in the shop list below:
Model: Jamilya Melikova
Dress- Coast
Shirt- Sisley
Shoes- Lui Jo
Clutch- Coast
Scarf- Accessorize
Headpiece- Accessorize
Broach- Accessorize
Bracelet- Accessorize

Perfect Hijab Outfit Colour Match

Intense colour clothes such as purple, yellow, blue, neon ect are hard to match-but not anymore after you see this perfectly matched outfit that has inspired many Hijab women to try the same style. The outfit is casual yet gorgeous and trendy. I love the way she has wore the hijab and the scarf together. It is a new trend worth trying; and now you can try the very same clothes, colours and styles by finding all the pieces of this outfit in the shops listed below. This outfit is perfect for the soon coming spring. Get inspired and get the best out of your clothes with this awesome matched outfit.
Shops and Items you will need to create the exact look:
Dress: Bebe
Jacket: United Colors of Benetton
Shoes: United Colors of Benetton
Scarf (with tassels): United Colors of Benetton
Scarf (blue ombre): Accessorize
Bag: United Colors of Benetton
Shades: Accessorize
Bracelet: Accessorize
Model: Jamilya Melikova

Beautiful Sequin Flats

Shoes of the mirror ball type are top of the poster this winter and there’s no need for a red carpet to wear them. Glitter fans, you’re going to have full eyes!
I know there are hysterical glitter shoe with us – no I won’t denounce. For you, I offer this selection which will make you wriggle for sure and some association and matching tips.
If you’re willing to wear sequin on your feet better to avoid any sparkly item on the rest of your outfit to avoid the too much look, unless you want to add some glitter nail polish then it will look quiet good.
The most basic to wear during the day for those who are not yet very reassured by all this tinsel trappings association, pants or skinny jeans with a long sweater or neutral blouse would look great – the stars in this outfit are your feet.
For others, nothing prevents you to have fun with trendy color of the moment as brick red or raspberry.
You can find sequin flats at Stradivarius and Mango.
1841-1_large174725660513224871_Hx6Eqbga_f_largeil_570xN.329028724_largejc_sequins1large (1)large (2)Sequin Ballet Flats_634329417033078700tumblr_llwi64Z42p1qa6c4zo1_500_largetumblr_lwv21dgSan1qbwiabo1_500_largetumblr_mc92ptU8qj1qfr71oo1_400_largetumblr_mdvub9ioqH1qhmdxxo1_500_large

Cocktail Look- Hijab Trends

Elegant hijab outfits are my favourites of all-not only the class and the well-matched outfit makes me love them but the way some women add glamour to their look for special events is really inspiring!
When it comes to elegant dresses, not all of us like to wear sparkly or colourful dresses; some of jus like to keep things simple but that doesn’t mean ‘boring’. By keeping things simple I mean wearing a neutral outfit but filled with class-such as the one shown below.
Not only comfortable but very appealing, this gorgeous outfit is well matched together like nothing you have seen before. Black is the definition of elegance and today it comes combined with black and white stripes.
You can create the same look easily. All you need is the items listed below:
  • Dress-Fabrika
  • Scarf- Le Chateau
  • Shoes- Guess
  • Bag- Bulaggi
  • Ring-Primavera Jewelry
  • Bracelet- Primavera Jewelry


zolagli-1E - Copy

zolagli-2eFINAL - Copy

Yellow Outfit Match-Ideas and Styles

Yellow is a beautiful bright colour that unfortunately doesn’t match with everything! It’s no secret that we all love yellow because of its intensity but matching it with other clothing or accessorise is the hard part. But today I am going to share with you all some of the best outfits styles and ideas of all Hijabis to match their yellow clothes the best way possible (based on the season as well).
Yellow is most commonly being wore during the spring or summer but if you have a beautiful top that is perfect for winter but the colour is making you have second thoughts about it, then don’t! Yellow can perfectly be wore for winter and it goes very well with black (such as shown in the 1st picture).
You can wear your yellow top with a black Hijab and black/white printed maxi skirt (or simply black maxi).
But during the spring, it is easier to match any yellow clothing and as you can see on the third picture a yellow maxi skirt goes perfectly with a white top and blue/grey hijab.
If you have an elegant yellow maxi dress, then don’t worry about the jacket to wear on top. Simply find a white jacket and you are ready to go!
For more, have a close look at this gorgeous pictures below that are well matched and awesome looking!
13761_335436283241407_2120504194_n_large549476_3502143521007_1018553251_n_largelarge (2)large (3)large (7)large (4)

Printed Maxi Skirts Trend

Skirts with all their styles are the ultimate best item a girl can have, you can create so many looks and modest outfits starting from a skirt. We already shared an article about how to style your maxi skirts, you can pick up ideas to create your own style.
When it comes to printed maxi skirts, there are some tips to be respected in order to well match your items, for example you should avoid wearing a printed or striped or any other type of tops other than plain or unique color tops with your printed skirt, otherwise you’ll get the too much or total look.
When wearing Printed maxi skirt, it’s better to keep your hijab simple as well, a plain hijab would be better especially in one of the colors of the prints on your skirt.
For the top, it is better to choose one color that matches everything, black, brown or beige, also white will be the best one, especially when your prints have summer colors.
Match your top with your shoes colors and your bag with your hijab color
Here are some Pictures to help you get more ideas, Enjoy.







Floral Ballerinas Shoes Trends

Ballerinas are very feminine shoes for all women, a girl can wear them from her 10 to whatever age she wants, they suit skirts, dresses and pants as well, they exist in many shades, prints and colors. We’ve seen the bow ballerinas style in a recent article on our website that you can check if you’re more interested by bows.
Today we’re going to talk about the floral ones, for either summer or winter, floral prints have invaded all our clothes. arrived at our feet now, they scored a great success in terms of fashion and trends. they are beautiful to wear as shoes, they enhance the beauty of feet and suit perfectly the rest of any outfit.
Matched with one of our outfit’s items, scarf or bag they will both look great.
When wearing floral flatsmake sure your outfit hasa unique color, avoid prints on your dress or skirt to give more value to your floral shoes.
Here are some cute ballerinas that you can find at Forever 21. Zara. Stradivarius…
aDSC03071 (2)

large (2)

large (3)


large (5)

large (6)





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