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vendredi 31 janvier 2014

Tips and Ideas on How to Wear Hijab with Hat

Hats are amazing both for summer or winter, they can protect you from sun but also keep you warm during the winter (depends what kind of hat or bennie  you wear).
First of all let me tell you, I know hats are not for everyone and in fact only few Hijabis like to wear a hat on top of their hijab but I think that is because you haven’t seen styles such as the ones I have collected today.
Based on your personal choice, you can choose the hat. It can be big one, small, black, brown, white whatever colour or size you like but one thing is for sure, it has to match with your outfit and Hijab.
There are two ways to wear a hat with your hijab and look good: 1) one is by wearing your hijab tight, 2) and the other one by wearing it loose.
In the pictures below you can see both of these styles I mentioned. Also daily styles or elegant ones. Have a look at this beautiful Hijabis wearing hat and follow the style you like the most.

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