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vendredi 31 janvier 2014

How to Wear and Combine Green Maxi Skirts

Green colour is one of the most calming and relaxing one, but when it comes to  fashion world, we all know that green is one of the fewest colours that is always in trend and that can transform your entire looks. However, today I will focus my attention on green maxi skirts and that is because I recently bought one and while looking for new colours and ways to wear it, I thought why not write an article about it so I can help other Hijabis match their green maxi skirt the best way possible.
1-In this first picture you can see a gorgeous and beautiful way of combining the green maxi skirt for winter and that is by wearing a black top, black hijab and a brown handbag.
2- In the second picture the green maxi skirt is being matched with a black top and a floral green hijab-actually this is my favourite combination of all but for all of you that don’t have a green floral hijab, then wear a black one such as shown in the first picture we previously talked about.
3- If you intend to buy a green maxi skirt for spring or summer, then you can easily match it with a white top and a pink hijab to add more colours to your looks. These and a lot more fabulous combination below. Enjoy this inspirational picture and match your green maxi skirt the best way.
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