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vendredi 31 janvier 2014

19 Vintage Women’s Watches- Best Styles

The vintage style is now back and this year we have seen how vintage dresses, shoes, tops, hairstyles and even makeup  have made everyone fall in love with it. Although I am a big fan of oversized watches as they seem to be the hottest trend when it comes to women watches, let’s not forget that vintage watches are also a high trend currently, and specially in England.
My favourite kind of watch is the one that has the worlds map in it because it is a symbol of a global connection, traveller’s heart and how time is short and traveling the world should be in your top list. Although watches come in different styles and shapes, below you can see 19 awesome vintage watches which you can own. Most of these watches I took from online stores that’s why finding them on the web is quite easy. Or maybe you can have a look at your local store and find your favourite vintage watch design. Get inspired with this gorgeous watches and embrace vintage into your daily look
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