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vendredi 31 janvier 2014

How to Wear Your Hijab for Evening Events- Stylish Hijabs Ideas

Are you looking for some awesome ideas on how to decorate your Hijab for special events? If so, then below you are going to find some awesome ideas on how to do it.
As you can see below, the lace flower on the side of the hijab is the most popular style right now. It can easily be done and looks gorgeous. The only thing you have to worry is matching the lace/flower with the colour and design of your hijab& dress. But I hope that wont be a problem after seeing this inspirational pictures.
In the first picture you can see a beautiful combination of pink hijab and dress-with a black and white lace decoration.  The dress itself has black lace on the upper part of the dress, therefore matches perfectly.
Although the first combination is trendy and girly, this one is classy and elegant. It has glamour written all over it. It can be wore for all different events such as weddings, engagement, party ect. 6c877173c5c35bac141bacd9a5bd2792
This is similar to the first design but the lace on the flower covers a part of your face which gives you a beautiful elegant look we often see on Hollywood movies.7d71a5ebbe3a15355943502a12400c87
This is my favourite of all and that is because of the warm soft colour the Hijab has. Matches perfectly with the makeup!09d57481f5b3ad4855982ed01c3e3380
Emerald green has been the colour of the year 2013, but even for this year continues to be a hot trend worth trying it. Have a look at this awesome inspirational look. 22da3c1e117916b0e8f6162ad9629420Coral can be the perfect choice for the coming spring, and if you add a decorate lace flower on the side of your hijab, you can totally change the looks for your special event.
Purple can be a gorgeous colour but if you add golden accessories over your hijab, you can really create an elegant look. Although some find this look below ‘over the top’ I think is perfect for everyone that loves this style. acfa0143e9f436a056322da66bd1f9b8
and last but not least, black and grey is a very conservative choice that matches all different accessories. f2351c9e94e02cf6d03ee9578e6a0964

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